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The musical history of Pleven is rich with the names of  incredible artists and prestigious events, which have brought worldwide fame to our town and country. I am proud that this cultural tradition is still alive today and has its worthy followers, namely the organisers and the participants in the unique International Marimba and Percussions Festival, whose Patron I am proud to be.


For six days in a row, world leading percussionists from Bulgaria, France, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Poland will be performing in Pleven, showing various styles, and young performers from arts schools in Bulgaria, as well as foreign students will enhance their skills and experience in the master classes.

Undoubtedly, the Festival will become a celebration of music and talent – two things which will always be valued in Pleven !


 Wishing you evert success,

Georg Spartanski,

Mayor of Pleven Municipality

Pleven | Bulgaria 
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