Open-air Concert in the Regional Historical Museum in Pleven



Opening Concert of The 6th International Marimba And Percussion Festival in Bulgaria

To be announced soon

Part 1

Percussion ensemble "Accent" from National School of Arts "Panayot Pipkov" in Pleven

Percussion ensemble from National Musical Academy "Pancho Vladiguerov" in Sofia

Part 2

Trio SR9



The Young Soloists of Geneva
Concert organised in collaboration with International Geneva Competition

Regional Historical Museum, Pleven

To be announced soon




Till Lingenberg

Nikolay Ivanov

Hristeia Markova

Jaouen Rudolf



Duo SamoDivi

Regional Historical Museum, Pleven

To be announced soon

Vassilena Serafimova

marimba and percussions

Ina Kancheva


The Samodivi creatures belong to the long, productive history of folkloric myth. True, they can command fire and use it as a deadly weapon against their foes; they can wreak havoc on a farmer’s crops or livestock by giving rise to all manner of catastrophes; and they are able effortlessly to drive grown men mad and their women to despair and suicide. But judged by their irresistible beauty, the power of their wild locks and the Dionysian excess of their dance, the Samodivi are an enlightening force of nature. They are the essence of what the forest tells us. The Magic! 

Both artists embody 21st century girls - sitting on a skateboard, dreaming and creating during a pandemic, flying between Sofia, Paris and Berlin, with a face mask and a free heart.

SamoDivi's program presents music full of life and movement, skillfully maintaining a delicate balance between classical repertoire, folk motifs and contemporary forms. 



Gala Concert of the participants of the Sixth International Marimba and Percussion Festival in Bulgaria

Open-air Concert in the Regional Historical Museum in Pleven 

To be announced soon